Material Handling

 Trough Conveyor

 Gravity Roller Conveyor

 Powerised Roller Conveyor

 Slat Conveyor

 Belt Conveyor

 Overhead Conveyor

 Trough Conveyor :

The working of our range 900m Conveyor Trough entails of rollers mounted on self-aligning frames with bearings incorporated to minimize the mechanical losses. 900m Conveyor Trough entails Drive is as Rubberized rollers and tension is adjusted through gravity and screw.

 Gravity Roller Conveyor :

Non-Powerised Gravity Roller Conveyors are simple roller beds upon which intended material could flows with the help of gravity force or by manual push.

Gravity Roller Conveyors types of conveyors reduce a lot of Power consumption and give an effective material conveyance. With a unique design of construction using SAHPL'S Modular Aluminum Extrusions, these Gravity Roller Conveyors gives your entire setup a highly aesthetic look within practically no time.

Technical Specification For Gravity Roller Conveyors :

  • Width : 200 mm to 1200 mm
  • Length : 500 mm to 30 mtr.
  • Roller MOC : CS Plated / Plastic / Stainless Steel
  • Roller Diameter : 40, 50, 60 & 75 mm
  • Frame & Structure : Aluminum Extrusions / Stainless Steel /Steel
  • Lee : Upto 2 tons/ mtr

 Powerised Roller Conveyor :

The components of powerised conveyor are designed to deliver heavy duty usage as well as flexibility. They comprise of broad walled rollers of sprocket (complete with torque limiting clutch assemblies),chain to chain or tangential (one common chain) chain mechanism, a fully enclosed side frame and an external shaft mounted motor. These powered roller conveyor comprises of component that are designed for both heavy duty usage and flexibility.

 Slat Conveyor :

Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor (Model SL) is used is a chain driven, photoeye controlled zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveyor for heavy duty operation.

Specs and Features :

  • Driving Belt - 8" wide for 15" and 21" between frames, 12" wide for 27" between frames, 16" wide for 33" and 39" between frames; black PVC 120 belt.
  • Bed - Roller bed width between frames, 15", 21", 27", 33", and 39". 7" x 1-1/2" x 12 gauge powder painted formed steel channel frame, bolted together with butt couplings and floor supports.
  • Tread Rollers - 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized steel rollers spaced on 2-1/4", 3", 4-1/2", or 6" centers. Safety pop-out design prevents damage to product or harm to personnel if caught between belt and tread rollers.
  • Pressure Rollers - 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized steel rollers spaced on 6", 9", or 12" centers, cam adjusted.
  • X-Bracing - Frame Squaring device supplied on conveyors 40 feet and longer on every other bed section. X-bracing insures good product and belt tracking.
  • Tail Pulley - 4" diameter crowned with 1-3/16" shaft.
  • Drive Pulley - 8" diameter crowned and fully lagged with 1-7/16" diameter shaft.
  • Snub Roller - 2-1/2" diameter adjustable, located directly behind drive pulley. 2" diameter at each end directly behind terminal pulleys.
  • Return Idlers - 1.9" diameter adjustable on 10'0" centers.
  • Floor Supports - 31-1/2" to 45-1/2" adjustable from floor to top of rollers. One support supplied at each end of conveyor and at each bed joint.
  • Take-Up - Located in center drive, provides 24" of belt take-up.
  • Bearings - Sealed and pre-lubricated with cast iron housings.
  • Speed Reducer - C-Face mounted heavy duty worm gear reducer.
  • Motor - 1/2 HP 230/460-3-60 TE motor.
  • Belt Speed - 60 FPM constant.
  • Capacity - 150 pounds per foot

 Belt Conveyor :

Move Heavier Loads Longer Distances :

  • Widths beyond 36" and lengths beyond 50 ft.
  • Low profile conveyor - only 3" high.
  • Tight belt-to-frame width ratio (Belt width 0.72" less than frame width).
  • High speeds in excess of 400 fpm.
  • Self aligning drive bearings with seals.
  • Bearings can be lubricated rapidly without drive removal.
  • Optional self-tracking V-guide is thermally welded to the carcass of the belt.
  • Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor.
  • Quick belt change without removal of drive package or guide rails.
  • Heavy duty load carrying capacities.
  • High impact resistant single piece formed powder coated 10-gauge steel frame.
  • Wide variety of application specific belting.
  • 400 Series Heavy Duty Conveyors are available in Corrosion Resistant, Cleated Belt and Magnetic styles.

 Overhead Conveyor :

Four Wheel Overhead Conveyor :

This is a Four Wheel Model Overhead Conveyor and excessively used to carrying the Light weight component. This is the most preferred conveyor for Powder Coating ,Paint Booth or Overhead Transportation. Provide best solution to Labor Problem, Space Problem and Provide significant contribution to enhance the Production of company.